Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch; Part LX

We celebrated a couple of birthdays lately here at the farm...

FarmGiantDaughter turned 15...
and GusGus turned 1!


The weather has continued rainy and cool...

We even had fog the other morning...crazy weather for this part of the world...and I'm loving it!
The garden is loving it too and everything is growing like crazy...even Giant doesn't look that giant in it!

Our Golden Jubilee David Austen rose is beautiful!

All the roses have been blooming like crazy lately, hooray!

The Dragon Beans are going to town as well, both the blooms and the beans are so pretty...

and they grow to be huge!

We're eating fresh veggies from the garden pretty much every day now, I'll have to share the recipe for my fave way Giant fixes them, yum!
We're having a banner year for sunflowers too, even Beetle is enjoying them!
Everything is coming up golden! Until next time, happytrails!

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