Thursday, June 13, 2013

There's Just No Pleasing Some Peep-le Fowl Doings

There's never a dull moment in Chicken-Ville! In the last installment, I'd just captured Broody's little wild daughter and her 3 little wild chicks and gotten them safe and sound into the giant dog kennel and had them living in the mud-room.

Even though they were safe in the kennel in the mud-room, they couldn't live there forever, so FarmGiant built them a temporary holding pen so they could get outside and scratch and get fresh air and sunshine...the side benefit is the Yorkies think the chix are there only for Yorkie amusment!

The chix are getting bigger every day and they'll only be able to stay in the toddler run for a few weeks, but for now it's the perfect little enclosure for them!

On the down-side my rooster,  Cogburn went missing...when he didn't show up in a few days, we had to give him up. Anything that doesn't show up before nightfall around here is almost certainly a goner.

So I decided to move the New Hampshire Reds up from the North 40 and meld them into the barn flock. Since they were lacking a rooster once Cogburn went missing and a few hens had died, there was plenty of room for them in the barn flock, and it made more room for the Americana's in the North 40.

Giant caught them all in the net and brought them to the barn...

then we hung around and watched for a little while to make sure no-one got picked on too badly. The biggest bullies of all were the bantam roosters-see them around the NH Red rooster whose going into the henhouse? They were totally picking on them, the little brats lol! I couldn't get pix of the event, but Giant netted them too, and they are living in the now abandoned dog kennel the mama bantam and her babies were in...

Just when I thought things were settled in the barn, NH Red rooster and couple of hens got out of the run and took off...we were able to get the hens back in, but...

the rooster was harder to catch, and we ended up having to herd him through the barn before we could get him back with the flock...whew! Chasing chickens around is exhausting!

While we were chasing chickens around, FarmGiant found poor Cogburn...the bad news is he was dead, but it appears he died of natural causes-he had no trauma at all, so we think he just went off by himself to die. He was in such good shape that we froze him so we can get him taxidermied later.
I kept the barn chickens locked in for a few days so they could all get used to each other. As soon as I let them out, the NH Red rooster went right back down to the North 40 and tried to get back in! By moving him into the barn, he not only kept his own hens, he gained about a dozen new hens, but he's still gotta go down and wish he could have all the Americana hens the title says, 'there's just no pleasing some peep-le' LOL! Stay tuned for more Fowl Doings and happytrails!

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