Friday, June 28, 2013

Ten Days of 50

Every year, Giant and I are the same age for 10 days...then Giant gets OLDER than me, ha! So this year, since we were both were a banner year for 10 days, I decided we should mark the occasion with a picture of every day we were 50 together, starting with my birthday...

I totally forgot about it the very next day (due to my advanced age probably) and never thought of it until FarmGiantDaughter reminded me...about 10 p.m. We were already in our pajamas (due to our advanced age) but she insisted I stick to my game I attempted to hide while she took the pic lol!
The next day, we remembered earlier...Giant was somehow making fun of me in this pic, I'm guessing it had something to do with me being a teeny bit shorter than he is...

the next day features our pic after doing some kind of goat or chicken chores-also it was a wind storm, but that's the way it goes lol!

more fun and games...most likely at my expense lol!

Wow, someone (coughcoughGiantcoughcough) behaved himself for this photo...
more fun at my expense...Giant is shorter than me lol!

Zombie Attack!

after a day of yard work!
Day 9, the day before Giants birthday-maybe that's why he's being good, in hopes of presents!
Happy Birthday Giant! Here's to 10 Days of 50, and 50 more years of fun!

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