Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch; Part LII

We've been fortunate to have some rain in our lives here...

and even some fog! Hoping the wet weather continues and keeps the prairie and our garden green!

The local Elizabeth rodeo was here last weekend, and we went into town to see the parade. We had a great spot for viewing, but it was a bad spot for photos, so I didn't get any from the parade this year :(...but, as we were walking around the "Elizabash" event after the parade, we spotted this donkey on a treadmill...

which was attached to this ice-cream maker...

here's the whole picture...The company is called "Frozen Assets" LOL too cute!

While we were walking around, we went into the Elizabeth Locker plant to see what kind of meats they had-they were very friendly, and offered to give us a tour of the facility. Giant looks very cute in his butchers' jacket! The facility was extremely clean and very humane, all designed in a Temple Grandin style. We will be purchasing any meat we need to supplement the elk and deer Giant brings home every fall from them-besides being extremely clean and humane, they process all local meat, so it's one more step in our 'buy local' campaign!
After the tour, we were hungry for a hamburger, lol, so we had a burger at Elizabash,
then headed out to hit the sales for annuals! We got a bunch of perennials for a song over the last few weeks through ads on Craigslist, but still wanted to add some quick summer-long color with annuals. I had a plan for an adorable 'fairy garden' to shop for as well, that project coming soon!

Sunday morning we spent fixing fence...

which is a never-ever-ending chore!

I didn't really need to share all these pics of Kyle fixing fence...

it's just gratuitous man-candy...You're Welcome!

We spent most of the rest of the weekend working in the garden; things are really starting to shape up, I just wish everything would grow faster lol!

We planted all my birthday plants, our new annuals and Giant mounted my new wall art to one of our stock tank gardens, I love her there, I think it looks like she grew out of the tank!

Giant and I both have some really cute garden projects coming up, wait until you see what he's going to do with this old stump he found! Stay tuned!

And here's a picture of Orchid sunning herself while we're out working in the garden-just because she's so cute! Until next time, happy gardening and happytrails!

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