Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Part XXXVIII

This 'Meanwhile' post is going to look a lot like the last 'Meanwhile' post...because just about the time we got the snow cleared away from the last storm, we got another one!

We got several more inches of the white stuff and although it's kind of a hassle, we're really hoping that we got enough moisture this winter to grow some grass for the horses to eat and some wildflowers for the bees to make honey, we had very little of either last summer, and in fact, our poor bees were so downtrodden by it, we didn't even harvest any honey, but left it all for them hoping they'd make it through the winter ok. The next time we have a day above 50 with little to no wind, we'll go check the hives and see how they fared. Even little Quahadi Kestrel seemed surprised at how much snow we got, he spent hours looking out his window at cute!
We got so much snow that we had a drift clear over the garden fence...

Can you tell what the two little triangular shaped things are sticking up out of the snow behind the sunflowers are?

Here's a little bit closer look...

It's Rusty's ears! Gosh, I can't even remember what it was like to have green and growing stuff...only a few more months...

No birds in the birdbath today...they could ice skate in it though lol!
I just thought this was a cool pic of some of Giants antlers..( for all you hunters;.they're like do-it-yourself European mounts lol!)
Gus loves the snow,and he does really well in it while it's still frozen...when it starts to thaw, he falls down in the big drifts and can't get out lol, poor guy!
The drifts were big enough that even giant Beetle had to bust through 'em!
And for the first time, Tiny Orchid is big enough to go out and play in the snow for a few minutes...she looks like a bug next to Beetle lol!
Orchid likes the snow too, but she can't be out in it very long or she gets too cold!

Augustus has a frozen 'stash when he's finished playing in the snow!

And in baby goat news (you know you want it lol!) that babies are growing like weeds...Baby Holly is a mongrel goat, she's got at least 3 different kinds of goaty lineage, and her ears can't decided if they want to stand up straight like the Nigerian Dwarfs, or hang down like a Boer goat...for now they've decided to compromise, and stick straight out lol!

Henry and Hazel are, as you can see, adorable! I seem to be specializing in black and white Nigerian Dwarfs (or Nigerian Dwarrows...that one's for you Giant ;)

Couldn't resist another pic of silly Holly and her silly sticking-out-straight ears!

And one last thing I had to share with you-when I bring my chore clothes inside to warm up before I go outside to do my chores, the Yorkies have a field day licking them..All I feed is grain, hay, etc, no meat products, so I will leave it to you to figure out what they're trying to lick off of them...ewww lol! Until next time...happytrails!

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