Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Part XL

So, it's been a week without a blizzard, seems like a record with all the snow we've been getting lately lol! It's also started to warm up, so that means all that snow has to go somewhere, and around here, that means it turns to mud! The UPS guy couldn't make it up our driveway, so he left a package for us at the end of the driveway... 
so since I had to walk down there anyway, I decided I'd take some pix and show you why my car looks like...
this! The picture doesn't really do  it justice, you can't see all the mud caked underneath the car, but please note the mud on the rearview mirror and the handle! Also, I'm going through windshield wiper fluid at an alarming rate, just trying to get the mud off the windshield so I can see to drive!

Like the UPS guy, I can't get my vehicle up the driveway either, so I'm going through the pasture to get up to the house. I carry a spare pair of Muck boots in the Escape with me in case I get stuck and have to walk to the house...a real possibility every trip! You can see the mud tracks, and right where it sucked my car into the gate and gave it a little ding and scrape...
but in snow and mud driving, she who hesitates is lost (actually, she who hesitates is stuck!) so I powered through!

We didn't get a lot of snow with the last storm, it mostly just blew around the snow we already had, but we still have quite a few drifts...Orchid is starting to really love playing outside in the snow!

Rusty the yard horse's head is out of the snow drift now...

 it's even taller than Orchid lol!

Baby Orchid has been growing like a weed, but she still looks like a little bug next to Beetle!

Beetle & Gussie are cool guys lol!
Almost done with puppy pics, I swear! I couldn't resist this one though. I throw old cut flowers out in the yard because the Chicken Little's like to pick at them, and Orchid looked so cute playing with this one!

Last Orchid pic this post honest! But I had to share her new accomplishment of copying Gus and using Beetle as a prop...good thing Beetle is so good natured lol!
In other news, see how Mr. Big Shot Cogburn looks all puffed up in this picture? That's because he just attacked me, the jerk! He's been the nicest rooster, I don't know what's happened to his disposition, but I told him even though he is very handsome, if he doesn't knock it off, he'll be chicken soup!

Dolly says "until next time, happytrails!"

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