Friday, February 08, 2013

Introducing Baby Orchid!

Shut the front door! How seriously cute is Tiny Baby Orchid? Back when Giant brought Augustas home, he pre-bought an unrelated girl Yorkie for me...Guess what'll be happening here in about a year and a half?
It was finally time to go pick her up on Saturday, yay! These are her parents, so cute!
There were Yorkie puppies everywhere...four little girls total!
Here are two or Orchids sisters....awww!
shhh, don't tell anyone...Giant likes puppies lol!
We had a good idea what we wanted in a female-for one thing, good "child-bearing hips" lol! And Orchid, though tiny, does have some junk in her trunk...yeah, she's bootylicious!
So we said au revoir to her family...
and she came home with us...
The first thing we did was introduce her to GusGus...
he was very excited to meet her! When he finally calmed down some, we put Orchid down on the floor...
and she was not leaving my boots, no sir!
But she was brave enough to reach out and give Gussie a kiss, how sweet!
Aww, poor Orchid is in Puppy Prison lol! Giant talked me into getting a playpen for her and any future thing ever!
And Gussie gives her kisses through the bars, awww!!! Stay tuned for more adventures of Orchid and Augustus and happytrails!

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