Friday, January 25, 2013

Quahadi II; or Training the Kestrel

As soon as we got Quahadi to eat from the hand, it was time to start training him to hop to the hand for food...Kyle is trying to get Quahadi to go from his perch to the arm of the couch...
and again...

another success! Now it's time to move further down the couch...
And over to the food he flits! He's very adorable...and very quick, it's really hard to get a picture of him in flight with my little pocket cam!
We're also training him to fly back to his perch after he has his tid bit-he has a very cute little cheat he does when he's come further for his tid bit and is going back to his perch...

he flits to the arm of the couch, then hops to his perch, very funny!

We change things up a little so he gets used to coming to us for food from anywhere...he looks a little puzzled about where he is here lol!
He sizes Giant up...;)
and flits right over for his tid-bit!
So far, so good! Stay tuned for more tiny falcon training and happytrails!

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