Friday, January 18, 2013


Time for another Augustus update! Actually, it's just an excuse to post pix of his super-cuteness lol!
He he growing like a little weed, and so when he's not busy playing or going potty (mostly in the house lol!) he's sleeping...
 Even though sometimes he's not sure which end goes in the basket ha!

Weather permitting, which it often isn't, Gus gets to take trips down to the barn with me while I do chores. He loves going to the barn...even though he's kind of scared of it lol!
The barn is a big adventure, and a long trip home for this little guy!
Even getting up the stair from the mud room to the house is an obstacle course when you're that low to the ground!
 He's all boy, and likes to hang out on the couch and watch football with Giant!

And he looks quite jaunty with his red bandana!
He loves to play with the long-suffering Beetle-who likes to play with the puppy way more than he sometimes lets on lol!

A couple of weeks ago, Gus perfect the sport of 'Beetle-surfing'...
and spends a lot of time on Beetles back!

He basically treats Beetle like a cross between a surf-board, a stool and a bed lol! Stay tuned, more Yorkie puppy cuteness coming soon...happytrails!

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