Friday, January 04, 2013

Christmas at Kindred Spirits Farm 2012

We had another wonderful Christmas season here at Kindred Spirits Farm...having little 'Sandy Paws' (aka Augustus) around certainly added to the festiveness!
The dogs were especially amusing to watch with the giant rawhide bone that Sandy Paws brought...

Beetle was willing to share most of the time...but sometimes he wanted it all to himself lol!

Gus didn't hold a grudge though!

He just went and sat by the fireplace and waited for Sandy Paws to come down the chimney!
We ventured out a couple of days before Christmas to go see a play...

so we had to take pix in our play clothes...(yes, FarmGiantDaughter has gotten even taller-she's over 5' 9' now!)

Look how handsome my Giant is in his fancy duds!
We went out for a fancy SmashBurger YUM!

We went to see White Christmas at the Buelle Theater...we sat in the balcony seats, stage right...the view was awesome, and it was totally fun to look down at the rest of the audience before the play!

It was an excellent play, very well done...

even the teens were entertained! We all had a great time and have decided to start a new tradition to see a holiday play every year!
Giant made his traditional Christmas Eve seafood looks pretty good just cooking away on the stove...

but then when you stir it...all the yummy stuff of the ocean comes to the surface!

Crab legs, prawns, mussles, clams, oysters, Chilean sea bass, calamari and scallops, oh my! SOOOO delicious it's unbelievable!!!
And to make a wonderful Christmas even more perfect, it was white!

We woke up Christmas morning to a beautiful, fluffy, sparkly snow!

Little Gus enjoyed playing in the snow...but not for very long, he got too cold!

After opening our presents and watching A Christmas Story, Giant started prepping supper-prime rib, yum...and I even helped lol!

We put on our warm clothes and went down to the barn to give everyone their Christmas present...
which was grain for all!
We watched some more Christmas movies and played our new games...then we ate mussles for an hors deouvre, another Kindred Spirits Farm tradition that I intend on keeping!

then, unbelievably, it was time to eat AGAIN lol!

The prime rib and all the sides were delicious...after dinner it was more games and movies...
finally, everyone was tired, and it was time for Christmas to be over for another year...but until next year...

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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