Friday, December 28, 2012

December 12 of 12!

12 of 12 on 12/12/12! Tempus fugit indeed! My focal picture for this months 12 of 12 was my clock at 12:12 on 12/12/12;  I mounted and hinged the photo on some patterned paper and added my self portrait in the upper right corner. I stamped the date on vellum and wrote tempus fugit in between the letters with stickers. I adhered the other photos to the layout and glued watch parts and faces diagonally across the page. I added a typewriter stamp and spelled out 'sieze the day' on the typewriter paper.I stamped the wing image on a small tag and added it to the butcher string bow, and stamped '24/7/365' on the arrow pointing to the clock.  I added a fringe of patterned and book paper along the bottom of the layout and  stamped '#12' on a jump ring and attached it with a red mini clothespin a the bottom right corner to finish.
Journaling reads: Wow, time really does fly! It sure doesn't seem like almost a year ago I started this challenge! It's been a lot of fun photographing and journaling our 'ordinary' days! This historic 12 of 12 was just that-an ordinary, miraculous day!   1. So glad I thought to take a picture of the clock at 12:12! 2. "brown paper packages tied up with string'! 3. X-mas cards and tags I made for the TweetyJill website and blog-love her stuff! 4. Still working with Khaleesi-she is awesome! 5. Gus & Beetle napping-they are so cute togetherE! 6. Love my fuschia reindeer & mini bottle brush trees-Elf is playing in the background! 7. Everything Gus does is photo-worthy! 8. My bantam, Munster hatched the egg that made the chicken that laid this egg-her first! 9. Chewie bone time! 10. LOVE Christmas movies! 11. Adorable snowman cookie jar from my adorable cousin Eileen! 12. Gus & I!     

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