Friday, December 07, 2012


So a week ago Monday, Kyle came home with a gift bag hidden behind his back, he put it on the couch and told me to go open it...and THIS was what was inside!
Yeah, I was pretty excited...a tear or two may have even been shed! Giant was so cute, he was worried that I wouldn't like him, or that I would think he was trying to replace Daisy. Of course nothing can ever replace Daisy, but this little puppy helps keep me from feeling too bad about it. Giant said he couldn't stand seeing me so sad...what an awesome guy!

He came with a sweater, two toys and a little bag of food,so cute!

He's barely bigger than his toy!
Of course he hero-worships Giant, because he's, well, giant! It's so funny when he perches on his shoulder like a parrot; hence Kyle's pirate impression lol!

Awww, so cute, you can tell he's still a little nervous about being in a whole new world!

The next morning when we went outside to go potty, he tried to emulate Giant with this dry grass mustache...
Quite fetching!
Here he is dreaming about the day he can grow a mustache and be giant too...

Here's his first meeting with giant lab went well, although they were each a little wary of the other, Beetle because he knows he'll get in trouble if he hurts the puppy,and the puppy because Beetle, is well, a giant lol!
We threw around dozens of name ideas the first couple of days, and I solicited names from my Facebook peeps (thanx FB peeps!) There were so many cute names to choose from, but we ended up going with Augustus because he was born in August, our favorite movie character is Augustus McRae from Lonesome Dove...and he just looks like a Gus!

Gus has been living large the last 10 days (and running me ragged as well lol!) but living large can make you sleepy...
Nighty-night Augustus!

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Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I die!