Friday, November 16, 2012

Training Khaleesi Part 5; More Creance

So Giant got home a little early one afternoon last week so we decided to take Khaleesi down on our dirt road for another creance session; as you can see by my looong shadow, it was late afternoon...also, I look like a girl Giant lol!

The creance is about 75 feet long; we place it in the road between us, then I stood a few feet behind it,

so I was about 80 feet from her-see the tiny little meat tid-bit on my glove in the front of the pic? That's her only incentive to fly to me...will she do it?
Yep! Here she comes, see her just above the road?

She comes in for the landing...

and downs the tid-bit faster than I can hit the shutter on my camera! My multi-tasking raptor-calling-while-taking-photos skillz are almost as good as my horseback-riding-over-the-shoulder-no-looking skillz lol!
Bad pic, directly into the setting sun, but I wanted to chronicle her choosing to sit on this fence and fly back and forth to me & Kyle...

I call her to me from a little further away this time, and here she comes! Her wing tip is almost touching the road...

She swoops up at the last this pic!
Every time we call her back and forth to us, we move further she is heading back to Kyle at about 130 feet...

then back to me again...we had her flying 150 feet back and forth between us, no hesitation, excellent!

The wind really picked up just as we were finishing the session-she was standing on my arm flapping her wings into the wind,it was so cute!
Another excellent session, Khaleesi is a super fast learner! All that's left to do now is...go hunting! happytrails!

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