Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Training Khaleesi Part 4; First Creance Training

After we got home from elk camp, I took Khaleesi to my sponsor house, and he fitted her with a little back-pack type thing that holds her telemetry. If she catches something in a hollow or depression, or is caught in a cross-wind, I can turn on her telemetry and find her using the sonar...nice to have just in case!

Then it was time to do her first creance training. The creance is basically just a very long leash, it's the last step of training before we free loft her.

Will she come to the glove at 25 feet instead of 6 feet?
Absolutely, and with zero hesitation!

Every time she came to my glove, I flew her back to Kyle and moved out a few feet further...

She came consistently with no hesitation at 60 feet, then it was time for a little lure training...
She flew up into this tree and got her creance tangled up in it; good thing I've got a Giant to reach high places for me!

After she was untangled, and I spun the lure, which she came to instantly! The lure is an important part of training because when you're out in the field and she's free and  following on and you want her to come back and she won't come to the glove, you give the lure a spin and get them to come back for the lure, because the lure always has a nice big treat on it...

It was an excellent training session, she worked perfectly! I think we'll do one more creance session, then it'll be time to take her hunting, can't wait for that, she is very fierce and quick and I bet she's an excellent hunter, it will be amazing to watch her!Until next time, happytrails!

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