Tuesday, November 06, 2012

October 12 of 12

These aren't the best photos I've ever taken of my 12 of 12 layout, sorry! October 12th found us heading for our annual elk camp gig up past Norwood Colorado. I took photos of the journey and setting up our tent for the next 2 weeks. The journaling is in the little envelope with the elk stamp and reads:1. on 10-12-12 we packed our tent, sleeping bag & two weeks worth of stuff...2. including the dog...3.and the raptor 4. and headed for elk camp! 5. awesome statue of a cowboy accidentally roping a deer we saw on the way. 6. Monarch Pass at 11, 113 feet in elevation was clear-unusual! 7. We arrived and set up the tent in a sleet and hail storm! 8. The power was out in the cabin due to the storm, so I prepped and served supper by candle and Coleman light!

9. The hunters arrived, eager for the next morning-opening day! 10. Our view from our "tent sweet tent"for the next 2 weeks. 11.(main photo) Norwood Hill-I love how the leaves match the winding road sign. (Quote on main photo read "All those who wander are not lost." J.R.R. Tolkien 12. Moi on 10-13-12...No light to take a pic the night before with the power out, also mirrors are hard to come by at elk camp lol!     Looking forward to 11-12-12! happytrails!

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