Friday, November 02, 2012

Elk Camp 2012-II

First morning of first day of rifle season...Giant (aka The Coroner)waits in the Ranger for his two hunters. The plan was for elk hunting newbie Trevor to have the first shot at a bull, and Bob would wait until Trevor got his bull before Bob hunted...however, it didn't exactly turn out that way...
Kyle got his hunters into such a big group of elk with so many bulls both Trevor and Bob saw bulls they liked, so Giant counted to 3, and both hunters shot simultaneously...two bulls down in the same spot is something you definitely don't see every fact, I've never even heard of it before!

GreatWhiteHuntingGuide indeed! And both hunters were very happy with the hunt and their bulls, Go Giant!
GWHGGiant always re-enacts the tale of the hunt with great gusto!

Even GreatWhiteHuntingGuideGiants need a nap sometimes!
I won't deprive you hunters of the field pix...Trevor with his bull...

and Bob with his bull...           (dang, GWHGG is handsome!)

We had 6 guys in camp for first rifle, but 2 of them left camp before I could get a group photo, but all 6 guys, including the 4 newbies got nice bulls!

The Federal Premium guys are always happy elk campers and a lot of fun!
Before they left, one of the FP guys, Jack, and Guide Matt went out and shot a jack for Khaleesi...

which she enjoyed very much! On Khaleesi's behalf-thanx guys!

The Coroner is temporarily Out! After 6 days of camp with both of us working loooong hours, we took 24 hours off in between camps to cruise down to Ouray and sit in the hot springs! Stay tuned for the next installment, and happytrails!

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