Monday, September 29, 2014

Quote of the Week

“ the slow sea sucked at the shore and then withdrew, leaving the strip of seaweed bare and the shingle churned, the sea birds raced and ran upon the beaches. Then that same impulse to flight seized upon them too. Crying, whistling, calling, they skimmed the placid sea and left the shore. Make haste, make speed, hurry and begone; yet where, and to what purpose? The restless urge of autumn, unsatisfying, sad, had put a spell upon them and they must flock, and wheel, and cry; they must spill themselves of motion before winter came. Daphne du Maurier

Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 Week by Week-weeks 30 and 31

More scrappin' has been happenin'! Up to week 30 now, hooray! Love these pix, look how tiny, and that adorable tiny paw! And Mama with baby in her mouth... Precious! Simple layout, a paper fringe at the top of the layout, some vintage music paper down the side, a watch face and a little vintage ephemera and journaling to finish.
I wanted to do a little collage of a day on the farm, love Loki and the pigs playing in the sprinkler! I added a ticket from our trip to Cheyenne for Frontier Days, a dictionary description for 'bucolic' a little ephemera girl and journaling to finish.
Love this pic of Orhid with Bubba and love this layout-I combined checkerboard, floral and chevron papers on yellow ledger paper, added a bottom banner and a little piece of rick-rack. I dyed a canvas heart with Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Mustard, then stamped with a music stamp and added wooden word 'adore', a sparkle butterfly, a flower, ephemera baby, dictionary description for mother. At the bottom of the pic is a crystal arrow and 'unconditional' cut from the dictionary to finish.
I wanted to do something a little different on this layout. I Color Shined  a Heidi Swapp Project Life insert, and added a little pic of the chick, and did my journaling about the chick on it, and added a tab label 'happy' to the card. I love the pic of the bumblebee on the thistle, so I added 'my life with bees' from a Mary Janes Farm magazine, the piece on the left of the pic is from the magazine as well. I cut out a vintage ephemera girl to cover the edge of the heart hanging over from the front side of the layout. I used Mod Podge to attach and cover a wild flower I pressed to finish the layout. Until next time, happy scrapping and happytrails!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What's One More Rooster Fowl Doings

The peacocks are growing, and starting to look more like peacocks instead of just random chicks...
They're starting to get some color on their necks...
and sometimes you can get a glimpse of their future adult elegance...
We're pretty sure we've figured out the sex on the India Blue's...I believe there is one male and two hens-just like I requested Giant to pick for me!
They share their outside enclosure with the turkeys and a few chickens, but they keep to themselves as much as possible.
Their attitudes are like "we are beloved pets of royalty, you are food." lol!
And the Bantam peep is growing fast-had to take this pix through the chicken wire, this little guy is really wild and really fast lol! And yes, I think it's a rooster...
I already have 14 roosters, why not one more? lol!
I love this pic, such a cute little family portrait!

Such a cute little chick!

Love the pic of this Little laying in the green bucket too! Until next time, happytrails!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Quote of the Week


"She generally gave herself very good advice (though she very seldom followed it.)"
Lewis Carroll

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mini Beach Album

I made this little album for FarmGiantDaughter, so she could have a little visual memento of the first time she saw the ocean. I used a Heidi Swapp album, and mostly Heidi Swapp products to put this little cutie together.
The album already has a lot of background, so on several of the pages, all I had to add were a couple of stamps...
I also used tiny shells we collected at the beach, and a sticker set with sayings about the beach...
I let the pictures tell the story, our SeaWorld day with a pic of FarmGiantDaughter holding a sea star...

I wanted her to have a lot of pics of her and her dad, and I wanted her to have pics of her surf lesson. I used a vintage dictionary description 'surfer' that I put under a label holder, and added a little real sand that we collected on the beach.
a pic of her and her cutie surf instructor had to play a big roll in the scrapbook, and of course I had to use a pic I took of them at In and Out Burger, neither of them had even been before, so it was another first! It was so fun to put together this little scrapbook for a Sweet 16 and first time at the beach memento! Until next time, happy scrapping and happytrails!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Beach Album

I was so excited to get my beach pix back and do a little album for us all to remember our fun trip! I used a Heidi Swapp album; I think it's called Mixed Company...It came with really heave chipboard covers, some canvas sheets, some acrylic pieces and some chipboard pieces, so it was a lot of fun to put together! For the cover, I collaged vintage book and music papers, make a banner along the top, a large photo of the ocean and a brass bookplate with the definition 'surf'. I added a large piece of shell we found on the beach t the upper left of the photo, with a tag that says 'California' and a gel sticker that says 'paradise.' More shells, a clock face that I stamped 'fly away', crystals and ephemera. I made a closure of lace, butchers twine and and regular twine and glued it to the front and back covers.
I love how all the pages are different sizes, so they can be staggered, so you see parts of several of the other pages. The inside front cover is Tim Holtz paper covered with a smaller sheet of lined paper, I dyed some ribbon a sea foam green and tied it around the bottom of the pic. I also got to use a lot of my favorite beach quotes-this one reads "to me the sea is a continual miracle; the fishes that swim-the rocks-the motion of the waves-the ships with men in them. What larger miracles are there?" by Walt Whitman. The small page on the right hand side reads "The cure for everything is salt water; sweat, tears or the sea." by Isaak Dinesen

The next page is on canvas that I stamped and distressed. A Heidi Swapp banner, a vintage paper banner, a shell and some twine is all this page needed.

The back of the canvas page has a sunset picture of the ocean and the quote reads "how inappropriate to this planet earth when it is clearly ocean." A small ephemera and the dictionary description 'sea-born' finish this page. Opposite is a chipboard banner that I attached on the bottom run. An ephemera image of a woman combing her long hair, dictionary description 'mermaid', vintage music paper, crystals and pearls, seafoam ribbon and the partial quote 'I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each." from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot
The back is another mermaid image, with crystals and shells. The canvas page I inked and stamped, I added a vintage paper banner, a sea horse image from a napkin and some music paper. I made a collage of a watch face, shells, the wooden word 'smile' and a wooden arrow. The arrow is stamped 'remember this' I love this pic of Giant and FarmGiantDaughter, they are the only ones visible and look like they have the beach all to themselves...except for one lady walking toward them, grrr! I could stand it, so I added another wooden arrow to cover her up, and stamped it #happyday. LOL!
I painted the back side of the canvas and stamped phrases from Psalm 107:24 in the background, then used burlap letter stickers to spell wonders and deep. I added a sticker definition 'wonder' and burlap banner and crystals to finish. The envelope is stamped and holds receipts, our itinerary, etc.from our trip.
The next page is another chipboard banner, I covered it with dictionary paper from the 'sea' section, added this cute little ephemera sailor boy, metal stars, a watch face, 'timeless' sticker and a partial sticker quote.
The back of the banner is patterned paper, with an ephemera boy with a sand shovel, a little music paper and a sticker quote 'live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air' by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I covered the following page with Tim Holtz paper, I spelled 'beach' with burlap letters on a bookplate, stamped a HS color resist 'Bliss" sheet, tied with a hand-dyed seafoam and amethyst ribbon, a wooden arrow stamped #happyday, a blue flower and added metal stars and a seashell.
The back of the page is a collage of photos, with a collage of ephemera, a stamp, a bottle cap, metals stars, a button and some shells. The small banner opposite is covered in patterened paper, a label stamped 'a love story', an ephemera hand and gel stamp stickers.
oops, didn't see that the banner was crooked! The back has a label that says 'remember' and a vellum sticker 'friends by the sea, just you and me.'  The envelope is stenciled and I slit it down one side so it opens like a book; on the inside I glued the floor plan and notes from the resort where we stayed . I added a pic and an ephemera sailor boy to the front. The envelope is held closed by a mini clothespin I glittered.
The back of the envelope has a banner and a pic of FarmGiantDaughter with her surf coach and sticker definition 'adventure'. I think the right hand layout is my favorite overlapping pages in the book; I love the seahorse, the ship and the girl holding the shell to her ear all visible at once! The small clear page has a seahorse from a napkin glued on the inside.
The opposite side has a sand castle pic with a vellum sticker that says 'castles of sand, memories of gold' , a deco canvas piece dyed sea foam and amethyst with the wooden word 'remember'. On the peek-a-boo canvas sheet, I added vellum stickers to the photo, along with a tab that says 'celebrate everyday'. An ephemera ship, sheet music, a banner and a flower with a shell center finish this layout.
The back of the canvas has an awesome pic I took of the surf lesson, a vintage paper fringe and an ephemera butterfly. The page opposite has a pic taken from the resort, the shell girl ephemera and the quote 'the warm orange spreading from the horizon as not-quite-day becomes not-quite-night.'
The back side of the page is where I'll do my journaling. I covered the heart cut-out page with Tim Holtz paper, added labels, metal stars and a butterfly. I hinged it to the bottom page with washi tape. I made sure the heart was over a pic of FarmGiantDaughter up on her surfboard at her lesson. The crystal arrow points at her surf coach who got majorly stoked every time she stood up on her board lol!
I did the journaling about the lesson on the back of the page. I added the receipt from her surf lesson along with a pic of her vogueing in her wet suit lol!

The back of the page has our pix from Sea World, along with journaling, a piece of paper lace I tore off a paper doily and dyed to match the book. The other side of the page is the inside back cover that I used to hold some scenery pix.
The back cover has music paper, another of the paper napkin sea horses, another doily piece, a label that says 'awesome time', a sticker definition 'capture' along with an ephemera sailor and mermaid. I used simple binder rings to hold the album together. I had almost as much fun putting together the album as I did on the trip, and I'm so glad our memories are capture here to be enjoyed whenever we like...and that might happen a lot over our loooong, coooold winter lol! Until next time, happy scrapping and happytrails!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shut UP Puppy Cuteness V

What is up with this cute little face?
And this one?
Sissy tends to be a little bit of a worrier...
but Bubba never worries at all...
he's chill all the time!
Sissy is like Gus, she thinks deep thoughts and has inner monologues...
then she gets tired and takes a nap with her brother...
It's time to start taping their ears up, so they'll stand up...
and they totally look like little aliens...
in face, I think they look a lot like The Great Gazoo, remember him?
nomygod, that is just too too cute!
They play so much now that they even wear out Mom and Dad lol! Until next time, happytrails!